"When one takes affection—or perhaps desire—and seeks to conceal it as much as possible, push it down as deep inside as possible, rather that emotion will surface with a certain refinement."Japanese Modern Literary Novelist Junichiro Tanizaki Extract from Love and Lust”, 1931
Hidden Beauty
Hiding appeal inside leads to sublimation
There is a creative and avant-garde aesthetic sense that exists within the DNA of the Japanese living in these modern times. In opposition to the appeal of a gaudy radiance like the sun or light, this is a mysterious beauty, like phantoms of the moon or shadows. Rather than the rich sounds of an orchestra, it provides an exaltation like the minimalistic rhythm of mechanical sounds. It leaves an impression deep in the brain, like a movie that avoids a clear depiction of subsequent events, going out with reverberations rather than a happy ending. It creates its own quiet world, like a single flower vase placed in a room, rather than a garden filled with brilliantly colored blossoms. Lust that oozes out from within; strength when elegantly repressing emotions; quiet emotions concealed within a sidelong glance. “Hidden beauty” has the appeal of bringing creativity to knowledge and stimulating new thoughts.
Fragrance of Shadows
Creates “hidden beauty”, drifting quietly like a shadow that imparts the mysterious beauty of the moon and darkness
With the fragrance harbored deep inside gradually diffusing. Rather than a fragrance that is instantly gorgeous, this is one that slowly expands its influence. A fragrance as delicate as a sharpened blade, and as fragile as a taut thread. A complex and mysterious fragrance with “Hidden Japonism 834” as its core, which is itself centered around the sacred fragrance of agarwood. The Fragrance of Shadows soothes the heart while drawing out sexiness, fostering strong feelings amid the quietness of moon and shadows.